Nature is a delight and inspiration. Marveling at its details expands my awareness of the larger world. There is much that cannot be seen. This additional layer of experience is what I want to share in my art.

Primary printmaking methods:
Reduction Relief  – The block (plate) is carved, inked and run through a manual printing press. This process is repeated many times with the same block creating a multilayered reduction print.

Single Color Relief – Printed in one pass through the press. These are often hand painted with watercolors, making vibrant images.

Monotype – One-of-a-kind print made by applying ink with various brushes and tools to a sheet of acrylic that is then run through the press multiple times. Each pass builds texture and color.


Created with professional grade, environmentally safe inks on archival papers, these hand-pulled prints are each an original piece of art.

BFA from Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art)

Currently printmaking instructor at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts' Kirk Newman Art School.