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Nature is a delight and inspiration. Marveling at its details expands my awareness of the larger world. There is much that cannot be seen. This additional layer of experience is what I want to share in my art.

Primary printmaking methods:
Reduction Relief  – The block (plate) is carved, inked and run through a manual printing press. This process is repeated many times with the same block creating a multilayered reduction print.

Single Color Relief – Printed in one pass through the press. These are often hand painted with watercolors, making vibrant images.

Monotype – One-of-a-kind print made by applying ink with various brushes and tools to a sheet of acrylic that is then run through the press multiple times. Each pass builds texture and color.


Created with professional grade, environmentally safe inks on archival papers, these hand-pulled prints are each an original piece of art.

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